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Terms and Conditions

SearchNFound acts as an intermediary service, connecting companies with potential candidates and buyers. We facilitate the recruitment and sales process but are not responsible for the issues or concerns raised to the job or product or sales by the companies we work with. 

Users using SearchNfound ‘s services are advised to independently verify the authenticity of the companies, job details, salary packages, product/service informations and other related informations.

SearchnFound is not liable for any company policies, conditions, management practice, payments made to the service providers, refunds or any concerns that may arise in the companies.

Users must thoroughly review and understand the terms and conditions set by the companies or service providers before accepting the job offers/ courses or using the products . It is the user’s responsibility to ensure alignment with their expectations and requirements. Users are advised to contact the respecive companies for the issues in service or job or related to payments and refunds.

SearchnFound does not guarantee the accuracy of job listings / Products/ Services quality. We provide a platform for establisg opportunities for business and users, and the decision lies solely with the companies and users involved.

Candidates should communicate directly with the HR departments of the hiring companies to address any job-related / course related  concerns, including but not limited to work conditions, leaves, and company policies.

Also SearchNFoound is not responsible for any concerns or issues raised by the Endusers and SearchNFound will not be liable for any issues or concerns or damages caused by the endusers, it is sole responsilibility of the companies or organizations to check, verify and solve the issues from their end.

SearchnFound reserves the right to modify or update its platform and services without prior notice. Users are encouraged to review our terms and conditions regularly for any changes.  Any unauthorized access  or misuse of this will be the user’s sole responsibility.

If any third party claims payment on behalf of the SearchNFound, candidates are advised to report such incidents immediately.